Top Popular Search Engines you must know in 2022

Well if one thing we know for sure in this digital age is to search randomly to get desired results whether it is useful or not. Search engines provide one of the easiest ways to connect with information today. So if I ask you what are these search engines? Then most of you tell me the answer is Google for sure.

But my dear reader, Google is just one major side of the web as there are still many search engines that run parallel with this giant of a company. Though Google share has remained supreme for many years, still users are more inclined to explore more and more options today. Let us start with a simple definition of the Search engine and how it works?

Search engine

Search engine

Search Engines are software system that works directly on a web browser to search from millions of websites online. A user search query on these search engines to get desired results with different types of files such as web pages, videos, images, articles, news, etc.

SERP: Search Engines Results Page is a technical term used to define the listing of pages for searches.

Search Engines are characterized by three fundamental approaches.

  • Web Crawling – Search Engines crawl the internet for new sites and pages.
  • Indexing – Then the Search Engine algorithm indexes the sites and pages based on content, keywords, images, and other on-page factors.
  • Searching – That ranks pages web pages using 100+ factors in the SERP list.

Note: Websites, mobile apps, and other platforms can use these sites for search engine submission to know the organic performance of their search queries and landing pages.

Top 10 Most popular search engines in the world

  1. Google (
  2. Bing (
  3. Yahoo
  4. Baidu (
  5. Yandex (
  6. DuckDuckGo (
  7. Ask (
  8. AOL (
  9. wolframalpha (
  10. Internet Archive (

1. Google

Undoubtedly the numero uno search engine in the world, Google has around 92+% market share till 2022 across the World Wide Web. Google supposedly handles more than 5.4 Billion searches every day to help users get desired results.

Google Search is full of exceptional searching features with image, voice, videos, news and many more.

Searchers can also gain significant information about a trending topic in their local areas or particular niche from Google Trends exclusively.

Google works with a specific RankBrain algorithm to rank pages based on almost 200+ factors. They are almost continuously updating their algorithm.

Google top Search engines in the world

Google top Search engines in the world

2. Bing

Developed and operated by Microsoft, Bing uses ASP.NET to offer search features for web pages, images, videos, and maps. Bing is often ranked second after the Google search engine with quite a high percentage of share among the US (24.2% market). Bing is derived from its original MSN search, Windows Live search, and Live Search programs.

Bing also offers a spectacular reward system for users to accumulate points for using it while searching and using them at Microsoft and Windows stores efficiently.

Bing image search also has better positive reviews from experts for all browsers while Google is more inclined to Chrome browser.

Though the global rank for is among the top 50 it revolves around nearly 6% of the total searches.

Like Google Webmaster, Bing also has Webmaster services for site owners that you can use to track keywords and pages accordingly.

Microsoft Bing Search Engine

Bing Search result

3. yahoo

One of the first technical giants in the IT industry, Yahoo was once among the best search engine until Google popularity soared. Yahoo email is still among the most used mail system used by professionals around the world.

Currently, Yahoo Search is powered by Bing only and ranks among the second largest market share in the world after Google. the original platform still has the top 10 ranks among the major countries. Though in the US the country has the third percentage of the search market with 11.5% of the total searches.

yahoo search engine

yahoo search engine

4. Baidu

Baidu is more preferably a Chinese search engine with Alexa ranking in the top 10 globally. Started in 2000 only it mainly caters to Chinese searches only. It has more than billion app installs and ranks among the top 5 countries globally with major proportion coming from the parent country China.

Baidu also offers several internet-related products and is among the largest AI-based organization in the whole world.

Baidu search engine

Baidu search engine

5. Yandex

Similarly like Baidu, Yandex is a country-specific search engine catering to Russia with Alexa global rank among the top 50 and top 5 in Russia respectively. Organisation also boasts of working from 17 countries worldwide.

Yandex search market share ranks fifth after Google, Baidu, Bing, and Yahoo sequentially.
In Russia, it is the largest technology company with more than 70 services in general. Though in Russia, Yandex has the highest market share with 52% of the total competing with Google,, and Rambler.

Yandex Search Engine

Yandex Search Engine


In case you are looking for complete privacy, then DuckDuckGo should be your first choice always. It is programmed to not store or collect any personal information thus you can work around any search without worrying about anyone having a watch on you.

DuckDuck Go Internet Web Browser

DuckDuck Go Internet Web Browser

7. Ask
Though also offers web-based search functionality still the results have less quality when compared with other top search engines.

Ask Search Engine

Ask Search Engine

8. AOL

AOL Search Engine

AOL Search Engine

9. wolframalpha

WolframAlpha is a computational knowledge engine that answers searches with facts and data. You can put any question or calculation and it will come up with results to answer your question specifically.

Wolfram Alpha - World most intelligent search engine

Wolfram Alpha – World most intelligent search engine

10. Internet Archive is the archive for internet sites. It randomly saves web pages history with images. You can easily trace the domain and see how it changed over time to its current status.

Internet Archive - History of world wide web

Internet Archive search engine – History of world wide web

Still, there are many that are worth mentioning in this list.

Creative Common (

Creative Commons is your preferred choice for search engines if you want more specific results such as images for particular videos, music for video, etc. It fetches results from other top platforms directly such as Wikimedia, Soundcloud, etc.

Here are some stats


Top Search Engines : Conclusion

Though Google may have a very high number when compared with other search engines still there are many alternatives that one can choose to get desired results from.

These search engines are highly sophisticated and offer unique experience there are many with particular abilities such as DuckDuckGo for privacy, Baidu for Chinese sites, Yandex for Russian sites, Yahoo in Japan, Qwant in France, etc. Search engines are part of today’s modern life effectively for searching and finding anything that we like.

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