Why is SEO better than PPC?

Which is the better option? Some say SEO is better, while others say PPC is more fruitful. In addition, others say both are not beneficial and are a waste of both time and money. Well, the third group of individuals is the ones who are in the wrong and have most probably failed in their digital marketing efforts. The thing is that both SEO and PPC are online promotional methods that can easily change one’s fortunes in a matter of days if done correctly.

Above all, there always seems to be the age-old debate whenever we talk about SEO or PPC. Often, people feel like they only want to implement only one of the two strategies. In addition, they are looking for the one which will garner them more benefits than the other. Therefore, today we will be looking in brief about what SEO and PPC actually are. Also, we will be pitching some ideas and tips as to why SEO might be the one for you.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC can simply be defined as the marketing scheme, which will show your promotions during relevant search results. Just as the name suggests, PPC campaigns often work under the pay-per-action principle. This means that with each click, the advertisers will be paying the dollars to search engines. PPC is often the choice for quick and instant results. Through PPC campaigns, we get visitors at once after the ads start appearing.

However, there are various factors in PPC that one needs to worry about. If the bidding isn’t right, ads might not show, or it might even overspend. In addition, there are other factors, too, such as keyword research, targeting, etc. that one needs to be careful of.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the method or marketing technique that will bring your websites ahead during search results. In addition, unlike in paid ads such as PPC campaigns, SEO is actually a process of ranking the websites naturally. Therefore, the traffic or visitors that are generated from SEO will be free, organic, and natural. In addition, this is the type of visitors every website craves for. SEO is actually the process that will actually grow and build an entire brand’s online presence.

Therefore, SEO is also said to be the soul of every digital marketing campaign. However, the thing with search engine optimization is that results take time to appear, and one has to be really patient about it. Results from SEO work may take months to appear, but once the results come, the benefits and opportunities are endless. So make sure that you carry out SEO work while getting digital marketing services as it simply is an indispensable part of online marketing.

Reasons why SEO is better than PPC


When we run PPC campaigns, it is most definitely the case that the traffic it brings will only decrease with time. However, this is the exact opposite of SEO. In fact, it will add up more and more as time goes by. So, SEO is the one as it gives sustainability plus organic traffic.

Return on Investment (ROI)

We cannot state that performing SEO is a way cheaper than going after PPC campaigns. However, in the long haul, the return on investment that PPC offers is a lot greater than that achieved from other marketing methods. And after all, SEO will also be a more cost friendlier and more effective option for a long term future. This is as all businesses simply will not be able to pay for each click and visitors forever.


Just getting traffic on a website is not enough. In addition, the quality of traffic that one gets is also equally important. Through SEO, we will get the most relevant visitors, and even if we don’t, our money won’t go to waste, unlike in PPC’s case. In addition, we should remember that SEO generates organic traffic, and it is free.

Awareness and Branding

The most important thing about awareness, branding, and promotions is to be seen. Similarly, visibility is what SEO presents your brand with.  When people start seeing a website in search results, it will make an impression on them whether or not they decide to click on it. In the same manner, along with free branding, the leads will also increase, which might lead to conversions.

Brand credibility and trust

This is often the most underestimated and undervalued importance of SEO. Through SEO, a site’s organic or natural traffic will increase. Therefore, your brand will have increased credibility among an audience base who are actually interested in your services and products. By being visible naturally, people also see a brand as a more trustworthy and genuine one.

In addition, studies have even shown that searches mostly tend to click on organic results than the annoying paid ads that are present around them. Therefore, SEO is the better choice for you and your business’s success.


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