MySQL 8 Math Functions ( Full List )

MySQL 8 has many built-in functions. This reference contains maths functions in MySQL.

MySQL 8 MATHS Functions list with examples

ABS()Return the absolute value of the number.
ACOS()Return the arc cosine of the number.
ASIN()Return the arc sine of the number.
ATAN()Return the arc tangent
ATAN2(), ATAN()Return the arc tangent of the two arguments
CEIL()Return the smallest integer value not less than the argument
CEILING()Return the smallest integer value not less than the argument
CONV()Convert numbers between different number bases
COS()Return the cosine
COT()Return the cotangent
CRC32()Compute a cyclic redundancy check value
DEGREES()Convert radians to degrees
EXP()Raise to the power of
FLOOR()Return the largest integer value not greater than the argument
FORMAT()It will format the number in the specified format.
LN()Return the natural logarithm of the argument
LOG()Return the natural logarithm of the first argument
LOG10()Return the base-10 logarithm of the argument
LOG2()Return the base-2 logarithm of the argument
MOD()Return the remainder
PI()Return the value of pi
POW()Return the argument raised to the specified power
POWER()Return the argument raised to the specified power
RADIANS()Return argument converted to radians
RAND()Return a random floating-point value
ROUND()Round the argument
SIGN()Return the sign of the argument
SIN()Return the sine of the argument
SQRT()Return the square root of the argument
TAN()Return the tangent of the argument
TRUNCATE()Truncate to specified number of decimal places


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