List of Tags not supported in HTML5

Deprecated HTML tags in html5: As HTML5 progressed into a new era, a lot of old tags got truncated or replaced with different styles and attributes. Some tags now are written with CSS3 properties whereas others have been removed completely as their use was limited or discarded.

Deprecated HTML tags – List of HTML tags not supported in HTML5

A complete list of tags not supported in HTML5 is described below. Their function and replacement properties are also explained in the table.

1<acronym>Defines an Acronym<abbr> tag is now used in place of <acronym> tag
2<applet>Defines an applet or embedded applet<embed> or <object> tag now are used.
3<basefont>Specifies a default color size and font for all text in a documentCompletely replaced with CSS properties
4<big>,Defines big textCompletely replaced with CSS properties
5<center>Defines the centered textCompletely replaced with CSS properties
6<dir>Defines a directory listCompletely replaced with CSS <ul> tag instead
7<font>Set the font color and size of the textCompletely replaced with CSS properties
8<frame>Defines a frameRemoved from HTML5
9<frameset>, Defines a set of framesRemoved from HTML5
10<isindex>Defines a single line input fieldRemoved from HTML5
11<noframes>,Defines noframe section with alternate contentRemoved from HTML5
12<s>Redefined tagNow used to define text that is no longer correct
13<strike>Defines strikethrough textUse <del> or <s> instead.
14<tt>Define teletype textCompletely replaced with CSS properties
15<u>Redefined tagNow represent stylish text such as misspelled or proper nouns in Chinese


Most Often, We also call them HTML 5 Deprecated Tags in general.

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