Top 50+ Audio Submission Sites to use for Sound Sharing in 2024

Audio Submission Lists for SEO
Audio Submission Site Lists for SEO

Audio Submission: We are passing through a new generation that has streamlined the ease of listening through modern devices. Audio Submission Sites or Audio Sharing sites have gained a significant share of online activities with Music, podcast, tunes, songs, etc. In this Digital Marketing age, Audio presents a better and more modern way to connect with the next generation. More companies, individuals, celebrities, and professionals from all fields use talk shows, events, and voices to promote their expertise. 

Sound recorded in Digital form is also known as Digital Audio. Global platforms have dedicated audio distribution platforms such as Apple iTunesGoogle Podcasts, Amazon Music, Tidal, etc. Other top Music distribution system includes Spotify, Youtube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, LAST, etc. 

Podcast submission is still an emerging field as users now enjoy reading the content with an automated voice. Many special talk shows and live programs use professionals to thrill the environment with their entertainment audio packages. As an SEO professional, you must have a complete understanding of Audio Sharing Sites in general.

Modern gadgets have remarkably eased the path for users to use these files at their discretion. Listening to audio files has become one of the popular choices for youngsters. These digital files are easy to download and carry anywhere on their smartphone devices, Tablets, iPhones, iPad, etc. 

In this post, we will learn all about Audio Submission and more. Starting with their definition, recommended formats, top sites, standard guidelines, their use in Digital Marketing, importance, and much more. 

What are Audio Submission Sites?
Top 10 Audio Submission Sites
Best 50+ Audio Submission Site List 2024
Standard Audio Submission Guidelines
How to Use Audio Submission Sites for SEO?
Importance of Audio Submission Sites

Let us start with a simple definition for Audio Submission or Audio Sharing sites that should be part of your SEO Offpage activities in 2024.

What are Audio Submission Sites? (Audio Sharing Sites)Audio Submission SIte - File Format

Audio Submission Sites or Audio Sharing sites offer users to promote or share their sound from their platform to their followers. In recent years, audio ratios have significantly increased to enhance user experience. Many industry niches now publish their Music, blogs, or content with dedicated or automated Audio to target more audiences for their reach. 

Digital Audio is a form of sound recorded or converted to represent their product, services, songs, background music, traditional songs, speeches, discussions, talk shows, etc. Digital Audios have taken over the physical CDs.

There are several top High PR PA DA sites for Audio Submission that one can use to submit their audios for getting respective URLs and get better engagement with their users. We will get to know Audio Sharing Sites in detail. 

Recommended formats for Audio Submission are MP3, M4A, AIFF, WAV, AAC, etc. 

There have been gradually acceptance of the latest audio file formats. So make sure all your audio files are in the mentioned format as of now. While, you should be avoiding hardware noises, external mouth noises, mic pops, plosives, or other factors to keep the audio clean and smooth.

As a contributor, you should have multiple checks for audio files to give users precise information always.

Top 10 Audio Submission Sites List for 2024

1, Myspace (
2, Tumblr (
3, Soundcloud (
4, (
5, BandCamp (
6, Spotify (
7, Chirbit (
8, Buzznet (
9, (
10, Reverbnation (

Best Audio Submission Site List 2024

There are various platforms that users can choose for selecting the Audio Submission site. Some of the main factors include Domain Authority, Page Authority, Alexa Rank, Do-Follow Status, DR, CF, TF, etc.

Here we have created a top list for your ease to begin your Audio sharing sites list.

No.Top Audio Submission SitesDomain Authority (DA)Page Authority (PA)

Most websites are free to use. Some have paid subscription plans that one can take as per their preference. You can submit Audio as per their standard guidelines and publish them online to start your online journey.

Standard Audio Submission Guidelines

Audios have become quite popular with the young generations. But publishers must follow standard guidelines to get more listeners to their recordings.

Here we have laid multiple audio guidelines to help them get started on this essential topic.

  • Use an external unidirectional microphone for recording to improve standard quality. This type of microphone will help filter out common issues related to audio examples as soundcard buzz, noise reduction, A/C, fluorescent lights, and others.
  • Use a pop filter or screen: especially for spoken words for clear sound and understanding.
  • Before publishing the audio file, always listen to your recording, again and again, to filter out any issues. You can use headphones in a silent atmosphere to avoid any external effects.
  • You can also use a smartphone or a tablet device for beginners and even much professional use too. (in case you don’t have external recording equipment.)

For more use these References

How to Use Audio Submission Sites for SEO?

Before going on to submit you must have the right sound files to submit on these sites or have content that you can submit as podcasts.

Here is the step-by-step guide to help you use Audio Submission Sites in general.

  • Click on any of the above sites.
  • Sign in with credentials or create a new account by filling out the registration form.
  • Now confirm via mail and log in. Make a complete profile of your business.
  • Write short, precise, and unique information in each of these profiles.
  • Now go to submit or post section.
  • upload the sound file or content URL to be used as a podcast.
  • Complete the upload and get a live URL to save in your SEO off-page file.

Importance of Audio Submission Sites

Audio Link Building is a new way to promote SEO activities. Only a few organizations are using this method, and you can exploit this opportunity to gain more attention for your business endeavors. These sites have high authority, robust features, and daily traffic to match modern-day SEO activities. You should plan these audios precisely to have a strong presence among the young generation. Building an intelligent strategy is the first step. And getting the right impression will help you to execute the plan more precisely.

Here are the important benefits of Audio Submission sites that businesses can use to enhance their online marketing activities.

Part of the SEO Link building process: All the offpage activities getting less significant over the two decades of its emergence, audio linking has just started with its popularity taking the attention. Especially with the new generation, listening to Music, Songs, audiobooks, etc., is quite common. They understand the culture and like to listen to the latest singers, backgrounds, and audios better. Audio link building has changed the whole perspective of Music Submission. Now even an amateur or professional can easily plan and add music or give voice-over to give users an audio recording of the blog. 

Enhanced user Engagement: Audio Submission is a more enhanced way to reach more audiences and simultaneously gain users for your content, videos, voice-overs, e-books, and various other forms. User engagement is the key to gaining more recognition and promotion for your online activities. Building more engaging audios can help create a strong base on these top platforms.

Free traffic: Most of these platforms have a free plan that you can start with seamlessly. You must have a valid email credential to build an authentic account and fill up the required information. You should have an audio idea with a clear, brief concept and develop multiple audios to have powerful authority for your account. 

Easy connectivity with top platforms: These top Audio Sharing sites have high domain and page authority. Connecting with these sites, building an account, and sharing audios will complement your promotional activities. These sites have millions of daily users looking for new audios to listen to and enjoy. So your online platform can gain new followers and more reach, traffic, and promotion. 

Brand Recognition: Many brands now use audio link building as a recognized way to promote their information. These sites have created long followership on these platforms and assist in getting more users/traffic for their target. Brands understand that audios are part of the trending SEO activities. You must understand the complete audio standard guidelines to get more engagement. 

Audio Submission Sites: Conclusion

With the ease of availability of modern gadgets in the 21st century, Audio Submission will continue to play an active way in SEO promotional activities. Audio Submission is still new in terms of SEO offpage activity. But have gained a lot of attention among professionals in the last few years. Most Digital Marketers understand the importance of using Audio link building and use them strategically in their overall planning. 

Audio submission/Sharing offers a unique way to connect with users with visual impairment. Also, with modern users having less time to read, they are more likely to listen through the whole content giving them a better understanding of the topic. Many bloggers have started using a dedicated audio/podcast link to their content. Audio shows the future trend for the future forward. 

Audio Submission looks to stay a preferable choice in the next decade or so. So make sure you plan for including this unique SEO offpage activity for your website promotion.

FAQs on Audio Submission Sites

Q. What is Audio Submission in SEO?
A. Audio Submission in SEO is a modern SEO offpage technique in Digital Marketing with several added benefits with modern devices for promoting online products and services.

Q. How can I upload audios for free?
A. There are hundreds of platforms that offer free audio submission to help new and experienced professionals to venture into this field to build their products and offer their services collaboratively.

Q. How can Audio be Beneficial for SEO?
A. Audio Links have gained a lot of benefits in the last few years to become an essential part of the link-building strategy. Especially for sites with music, songs, albums, playlists, and related products, Audio has become the mainstay in the entertainment industry.

Q. How would you perform Audio SEO?
A. Audio link building can give productive results with an effective strategy, planning, and execution. Your audios should have a clear voice, avoid all distractions, and have a standard audio format for use across multiple formats.

Q. What are SEO Guidelines for Audio Link Building?
A. Audio Link Building has gained popularity with modern SEO and Digital marketing professionals. Your voice needs to be clear and concise with a standard output format for publishing across multiple formats.

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