JavaScript Tutorial

JavaScript is programming language which is widely used along with HTML and CSS for creating websites and applications used vividly in Information technology via World Wide Web. In short form ‘JS’ is also used which represents JavaScript only.

Note : Knowledge of HTML and CSS is must for beginning JavaScript so go through the basics of HTML tags and elements in brief.

<!DOCTYPE html>

<h1>Lets start learning JavaScript tutorials at Tutorialmines</h1>

<button type="button"
onclick="document.getElementById('current').innerHTML = Date()">
Click to find the current date and time instantly.</button>

<p id="current"></p>


JavaScript Tutorials basic example

Note : JavaScript is supported by all modern browser without installing any 3rd party plug-ins.

Use of JavaScript in current Information technology

JavaScript is the most used language that can be run directly onto client server without any server support. Many languages and features have come from JS that are quite popular in use.

  • ‘JSON’ or JavaScript Object Notation is data exchange format between server and languages.
  • ‘JQuery’ is set rules of library in JavaScript with cross-browser and platform compatibility.
  • Many other language uses JavaScript as intermediary for using client-side working like Oberon Script, Objective-J, processing.js, CoffeeScript, Google Web Toolkit, Scala, Pyjamas, Dart, Fantom, Haxe, Kotlin etc

Tip : JavaScript is Trademark of Oracle Corporation.

Features of JavaScript Language
  • There is universal support for this JavaScript in all modern browsers with built-in interpreters.
  • JavaScript Programming is structured with clean and scalable code environment.
  • Script written in JS is dynamically typed allowing runtime testing.
  • JavaScript supports objects oriented and prototyped based programming.
  • JavaScript is fully functional based and supports anonymous functions.

JavaScript and Java

Its quite common for beginners to draw comparison between JavaScript and Java but they are totally different. They both begin from the same root level i.e. ‘C Language’ and the early syntax, commands were same but than both of them took different path for development. Java has static-typing and loads from compiled bytecode while JavaScript has dynamic typing and loads from source code that can easily be read by humans.

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I. Step by Step JavaScript Tutorial for beginners

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