How to set up Google Analytics Account?

Setting up Google Analytics code for your new Website

Google Analytics is one of the best methods to track your website traffic. In 2017 they have come up with new dashboard with more simplifying designs and modern look. First of all you need to sign up at Google Analytics with your own Gmail id credentials or you can also create for yourself easily.

Google Analytics Sign up

Website information at Google AnalyticsOnce you click on the Sign up button in the above screen than you will see this Screen where you will fill basic info about website like name, complete URL, type of industry and reporting time. Than there are some data sharing settings that are Google recommended and in the end there is button with click which says Tracking Id, Click it and you will asked for accepting Google terms of services.

On accepting you will be forwarded to the Google Tracking Code with below screen where you have your unique tracking id inside the analytics code.

Google Tracking code set up

Basic JavaScript Tracking Code

Once you have initiated your account your account and have tracking code than you can place the Google Analytics tracking code in header which is recommended to all websites. With one email id you can set almost 100 websites and 50 views for every property.

What Does this Google Analytics Set up can do your website?

  • User Behaviour : Pages, Bounce rate and how he uses the page accordingly in his favour
  • Page Tracking : Each pages impressions, clicks and user movement form this page to another page
  • Location Tracking : From which Country user is coming from so that it can be targeted
  • User’s Browser, OS and platform information
  • Source of referring sites : Search engine, Social, Referral and direct

This is how you can setup Google Analytics for your new site; there are many fundamental basics that google provides to handle these analytics like multiple user management, filtering spams from your reports etc which will be discussed later in upcoming posts!

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