hebrevc – PHP String Functions

Syntax :

hebrevc ( string, charsperline );

Description :

hebrevc() function will convert Hebrew text from a right-to-left flow to a left-to-right flow with newline conversion. Basically it converts logical Hebrew text to visual text.
Its similar to hebrev() with the difference of converting (\n) new line to into “<br>\n”.

Parameter :

  • string – This is a Required parameter and it is a Hebrew input string. This is a string on which function will be performed.
  • charsperline – This is a Optional parameter. it Specifies maximum characters for each line that should be returned. Default value is 0.

Output :

This will return a visual text converted from Hebrew text.

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hebrev() – PHP Functions Example 1 :
// below statement english is "This is a example of hebrevc() function."
$strExample = "זוהי דוגמה לפונקציה \n hebrev()."; 
echo hebrevc($strExample);

In above example ,We have a string ‘זוהי דוגמה לפונקציה hebrev ().’. Now this function will converts it to Hebrew visual string to display properly on web. See below is the output of above code.

זוהי דוגמה לפונקציה

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