Web Designing

Internet is now part of our life. It’s Use & accessibility over time has increased a lot. Now we go to websites for a lot of things like entertainment, news, shopping, videos, meetings, games and a number of other things. Websites design is the first impression. So giving a modern & easily accessible design are often liked a lot.

what is web designing?

Web Design is the whole front end of the every website. Layouts, Graphics, Icons & all HTML markup that leads to overall designs. User Interface(UI) and User Experience(UX) Design are the two professional terms used for web designing purposes.

User Interface(UI) designs are done according to the usability of electronic devices like PC, Smartphones, Tablets etc. Emphasizing better user experience on all modern gadgets. Like building a simple website on Sports and now making its availability on all modern devices.

User Experience(UX) designing is the process of improving & enhancing user satisfaction by using standard protocols for creating a website. Like wire framing, architecture,labeling, Usability, Accessibility and Testing.

HTML5 and CSS3

Learning HTML5 and CSS3 is the need of today and for future. They are the latest standard of web designing. Every page is built using these two basics functionalities. A Wise combination of these two can result in creative modern web designs. With new tags & styling a lot can be accomplished with only these two only.