WordPress SEO – 15 Tips and Techniques To Boost Your WordPress SEO in 2020

WordPress is the most used content management system in the world. It is intuitive and easy to use even by people without much knowledge in the area. In a few minutes, you can publish a post with images and videos ready to be shared by social networks and you can gather more information about SEO company reviews from news through this site LicreativeTechnology.

The worldwide competition focuses on putting websites in the top positions of search engines. For this, strategies and tools have been created, which have proven to be effective in achieving web positioning.

Wordpress SEO - Best tips for WordPress SEO in 2020

WordPress SEO – Best tips for WordPress SEO in 2020

Below are 15 SEO techniques to improve the possibility of being seen and appreciated by search engines :

  1. Generate functional URLs
  2. Convert HTML and JS code to AMP to speed up mobile browsing
  3. Write titles and goal descriptions in an organized way
  4. Add a title and alt-tag to all images
  5. Insert rich fragments for SEO company post
  6. WordPress security is important
  7. Caching helps to load speed
  8. Controlling SPAM
  9. Visitors interested in content and comments should be kept
  10. Allow content to be shared on social networks
  11. Site backups
  12. Optimizing the database
  13. Dynamic sitemap
  14. Security informs
  15. Search engine guide

1. Generate functional URLs

By default, WordPress generates URLs as indicated initially in the example. In order to adapt the URL so that it has relevant content and for an SEO company, WordPress can be configured to automatically take the name of the post as the URL.

To get WordPress to put the post title in the URL, the following steps must be followed:

  • Enter the WordPress administration panel.
  • Click on Settings and then permalinks
  • Select Permanent Links.
  • Select the Entry Name option.
  • Click on Save Changes at the bottom.

Note: Existing URLs should not be changed as it may cause an SEO nightmare. The new settings should apply for future publications.

2. Convert HTML and JS code to AMP to speed up mobile browsing

AMP allows you to accelerate the loading of content on mobile phones. Currently, most of the internet access in the world is done through a Smartphone or a Tablet. For this reason, special attention should be given to presenting the content quickly and efficiently.

In order to apply mobile acceleration to WordPress, 2 ways can be done:

Installing an AMP plug-in: Some can be found on the internet, some are better than others and installation is usually simple.

Hire a developer: You can hire a developer to program a tool tailored to the site’s requirements. The advantage is that being new is not saturated in the market.

3. Write titles and goal descriptions in an organized way

The Yoast SEO plug-in is a powerful tool for monitoring SEO on-page. It allows you to write titles and descriptions and focus everything on a keyword. It also presents a detailed report of the optimization of the post, to make adjustments if necessary in the title, description, and content in general.

Yoast is always at the forefront of changes on the internet and always brings updates so as not to be left behind. For example, one of the latter was to reduce the number of characters from 55 – 70 for the title as an optimal extension for Google.

Note: Yoast is a tool, it will not do the job automatically. It only shows the status of SEO in the post. There are many actions that have to be done to succeed.

4. Add a title and alt-tag to all images

No tools are needed for this. You only have to access the WordPress desktop and select “Media”. Once in that place you can select the images and add fill in the alt tags and titles if it had not already been done.

The text entered in the fields must contain the keywords used in the post. The legend should be used wisely since if it is not justified it should not be put. This could seriously affect SEO.

5. Insert rich fragments for SEO company post

Enriched fragments are those that are prominently displayed in the SERPs, appear with ratings and stars or the person’s G + profile and definitely attract attention.

How to use rich snippets in the SEO company post?

The first alternative is to add a plug-in that has been designed for this purpose. Currently, there are many which offer different attractions to be chosen.

As a second option, a developer can be hired to program a custom plug-in. This will have the added advantage of having total control over the operation of the tool and can be adapted to the requirements of the site where it is installed.

6. WordPress security is important

WordPress is characterized by being very friendly for its use and administration. But this does not protect you from malicious attacks to violate your security. The fact that it is so popular makes it a safe target for all types of aggressors.

The themes and plug-in can contain security flaws by opening through them a door that violates the security of the site. Search engines welcome well-protected sites, so it would be another contribution to positioning.

In the market there are a large number of plug-ins that guarantee security for sites designed in WordPress. You must choose among those with the best ratings from users. That way you will have a point of comparison to choosing one of the best.

One of the most commonly used is WordFence which is an open-source business class plugin.

7. Caching helps to load speed

WordPress allows, through a plug-in, to store in cache, pages, database, queries, etc. This dramatically reduces the loading and operating time of the site.

There are several options to be considered but one of the most popular is W3 Total Cache which is backed by a large number of users who are constantly evaluating the performance of the plug-in.

8. Controlling SPAM comments is a mandatory action

If this type of comment is not controlled. The posts can be flooded with thousands of comments that contain links to other websites. Most of the time these websites can seriously damage the reputation of the site for search engines.

Generally, SPAM comments are aimed at redirecting traffic to pharmaceutical, betting and adult content websites. To prevent this from happening, you must install a plug-in that blocks all these SPAM comments.

The most used and efficient plug-in of the moment is called Akismet, which guarantees security as soon as SPAM is concerned. It also shows statistics of how many messages you have blocked. Akismet is a free plug-in and can easily be found on the net.

9. Visitors interested in content and comments should be kept

Just as there are SPAM comments, you can also find real comments from people interested in the content of the post. These comments are very valuable and should be answered promptly and displayed in the post.

The fact that a visitor verifies that there is the interaction between the visitor and the administrators of the site generates a feeling of trust that translates into greater permanence and even a new comment.

To be able to handle comments efficiently, just install a related comments plug-in.

10. Allow content to be shared on social networks

Social networks in infinite media if they know how to use it. It is advisable to allow people who visit the site to have the opportunity to share the content. When a person shares any content, he tells other people that this information was valuable, so they could be interested and visit or simply share it again.

The search engines give weight to the social interaction of the sites to measure the relevance of the information published on them. All this translates into one more contribution to web positioning.

11. Perform frequent site backups

Performing regular backups allows a contingency to be prepared at the time of a disaster due to security attacks or failures on the server where it is hosted.

Having a recent backup can restore almost everything in a short time. Only the last changes that have been made after the backup should be replaced. For this, there are specialized plug-ins in making backups in scheduled periods. In this way, you can have a high degree of tranquility.

To choose the best plug-in you must evaluate the valuations made by its users. On the internet, there are excellent free options.

12. Optimizing the database significantly improves performance

As the sites grow, the volume of data they handle increases exponentially. Therefore it is very important to maintain the database from the beginning.

If you do not have an optimized database, the site will take longer and longer to load your pages. For search engines, loading time is important for positioning. The most advisable thing is to install a plug-in that is responsible for optimizing the database.

The most recommended plugin so far is WP-Optimize is easy to install and configure. When installing it you can notice the difference in the loading time of the site.

13. Generate a dynamic sitemap.xml

Site maps allow search engines to know the internal structure of the site quickly and efficiently. In the case of not having it, the search engines could skip some pages because they were not found.

Therefore it is essential to generate the sitemap to reduce time and give visibility to the entire site. It is recommended to use Google XML Sitemaps which is a plug-in that allows you to generate the sitemap of the site automatically or manually.

14. Security informs in important

Unprotected forms are often victims of attacks to violate the security of the site. It suggests the use of CAPTCHA in them to avoid automated or massive attacks. If the forms are vulnerable, they can be filled thousands of times by inflating the database until the site collapses.

To avoid this type of attack, a plugin is recommended to add security to the forms. One of the most recommended is called CAPTCHA.

15. Search engine guide

Search engines use robots that scroll through all websites in search of new pages, updates, and pages that no longer exist. This in order to have updated information in real-time.

Search engines can be helped by creating the robots.txt file which will contain relevant information for search engines by telling them where to track and where not to do it. Once the robots.txt file is written, it must be uploaded to the root of the site.

WordPress SEO Conclusion : To finalize some considerations to take into account

Optimization is important but it is not everything. Basically, the most important thing is to have relevant content and to offer the visitor what they were looking for. A site completely optimized but the content does not match the search criteria by which it was found. You will surely lose the attention of search engines and people quickly.

SEO techniques are just a reference that allows search engines to be more pleasant by greatly facilitating their work. There are other actions that are carried out outside the page that allow improving the positioning.

The idea is to combine SEO company techniques with quality content and share it on social networks. Always thinking about people and giving them solutions to their problems and concerns.

The security of the site and keeping it optimized should be a priority for anyone who wants to have a site that pleases the search engines. This will serve to keep the information safe and to give the search engines the necessary confidence to be a point in favor in terms of positioning.

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