What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a high level programming language used vividly in web development.JavaScript was standardized using ECMAScript language specification. Most of the websites uses JavaScript in some way during their website development. JavaScript is comprehensive client side scripting language where most of the code is managed on front end i.e. web browser only.

History Of JavaScript

JavaScript development originally began at Netscape for adding more dynamic content to their websites. Brendan Eich is credited with the original code of this JavaScript Programming language. Microsoft also provided some support in the development of JavaScript for sometime. Ajax, Frameworks and unique libraries have strengthened this language framework. Server Side JavaScript and SPA(Single Page Applications) have further enhanced the JavaScript framework in recent times.

HTML, CSS and JavaScript collectively form the core of the Front End Development.

Uses of JavaScript

There has been a steadily rise of JavaScript in Current Information technology (I.T.) with respect to World Wide Web Development. JavaScript is used to create interactive websites. We are giving some of its use below:

  • Client-side validation
  • Dynamic drop-down menus
  • Showing popup windows and dialog boxes
  • Custom Animations
  • Web Services
  • Server applications

How to use JavaScript?

Lets start using JavaScript with simple basic example than we will clarify step by step all the main details below.
JavaScript Example

Main things that you should lookout for

  • Use of the <Script> tag for applying JavaScript on webpage
  • The text/javascript is used in the link type too inform the browser this Script is JavaScript
  • The document.write() function for displaying dynamic content using JavaScript

Where to place JavaScript?

JavaScript is not limited to any place within web page. Header, body and you can also link the external link file for applying JavaScript in your website pages.

  1. In HTML <body> tag
  2. Inside the <head> tag of HTML
  3. Using .js external file

Example : JavaScript in the <body> tag

Example : JavaScript in the <head > tag

Example : JavaScript Using External file

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