Top Google Search Hacks That Everyone Should Know

Since its emergence Google has become one of the best modern tool that everyone loves around the world. Everything is search-able these days, just type the name, topic and things you are looking for and Google will take you their. Still there are many hacks that you should now to maximize your usage with this mega Search Engine i.e. Google

Do you know Google completely? Try these hacks, tips, tricks to enjoy more out of Google every time.

  • 1. Filetype search Google : With advance search in Google use these incredible tips to search directly what you are looking for. Result will be of the required format only. Let us search about earth within PDF format and look what comes out!
    • Available format in Google are :
    • Acrobat Acrobat(.pdf)
    • Microsoft Powerpoint(.ppt)
    • Microsoft Excel(.xls)
    • Microsoft Word (.doc)
    • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
    • Adobe Postscript (.ps)
    • Autodesk DWF (.dwf)
    • Google Earth KML (.kml)
    • Google Earth KMZ (.kmz)
    • Shockwave Flash (.swf)
  • 2. Just type calculator in the google search and use it for doing day-today calculations. Basic mathematic calculations can be done directly on this search page without any problem.
  • 3. Weather Information : Going outside and looking for rain check just type Weather in the search input. Try entering temperature, sunset, sunrise etc. You can also check as temperature new york in the search to look for distant information about distant locations.
  • 4. Search within any website using term This gives you complete information about the various
  • 5. Search any word and know its complete history, synonyms, antonymous and more.

    You can start your search as ‘define ruthless’ ‘ruthless meaning’ ‘ruthless antonym’ ‘ruthless synonym’ or just ‘ruthless’ all the searches will point you to the result you are looking for easily.

    So if you are reading and finding anything tough to understand with just type the word and see how things get sort itself out. User can also exclude the word by adding suffix ‘-‘ after the search query and results including that words will be refined automatically.






  • 6. Wild Card Suggestion with Google AutoComplete : Start typing and Google will automatically show you the top suggestion list for your queries directly in your search screen.


7. Currency Convertor : Just type any currency in conversion form and you will get the screen to convert directly in the search screen with latest rates and history too. Enter the required amount and know how much money you have saved for your next foreign trip exactly?

  • 8. Google Flight Search
  • 9. Google Personality Search : Type in your favourite celebrity name, movie, singer, music, song album and get complete information in special boxes right away
  • 10. Give twist to your browser with do a barrel roll‘ just search this interesting term now!
  • 11. Earthquake: Check the latest earthquake that came on anywhere on the Earth
    Google Search Hacks list



To be Continued (I will add more soon thanks for reading)

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