Drupal 7 error “The file could not be created”

“The file could not be created” Drupal error.

When we copy all file from the server to our local system.

When you transfer your remote drupal site to your local machine and set that up, the most important part is to setup the ‘/tmp’ or Temporary path, Otherwise you  start getting below error message : –

The file could not be created“.

filecouldnotbecreated-drupal7 Message


To resolve this. You must do the below updates:

  1. Go to admin-> config -> file system ( Under Media )
  2.  Then scroll down and change or correct the path of the tmp there eg:   update-temporary-directory
  3. Temporary directory: /tmp or c:/YOURTEMPFOLDERPATHHERE  in case if you are using WAMP server
  4.   In case if you are using any other XAMPP client eg ( WAMP, MAMP or whatever ) use the exact path of the /tmp (Temporary folder) here. And you are ready to move ahead.

its your path issue, it mostly happen.

I hope this will help.

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