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 site map submission

SiteMap submission

Sitemap Submission: In SEO, Sitemaps are submitted for each site and regularly updated by webmasters for giving Search Engines bots instructions about the number of pages that are up for indexing. n this post, we will study all about Sitemap Submission Sites. There are many search engines that allow submission of these sitemaps for targeting the right traffic to the relevant content. I

As Search Engines continues indexing new sites for their content, these sitemap gives them the precise info about which are the main pages in the website for checking. These sitemaps are often updated manually or automatically.


Let us start with a simple definition for Sitemap Submission or Sitemap Submission sites that should be part of your SEO Offpage activities in 2021-2022.

Best Sitemap Submission Sites List

S.No.Site NameDomain AuthorityPage Authority
1Google Search Console10099

 Role of Sitemap in SEO

These sites have a very high role in SEO for the following benefits.

  • Send Indexed pages instruction to the Search Bots.
  • Defines canonical pages to the Search engines for proper mapping
  • Defines multi-language pages to the Search Engines
  • Better the indexing better the impressions from sites
  • More traffic divert to the sites and higher leads for your business

Free Sitemap Submission to All Search EnginesThere are many websites that offer a way to submit their sitemap for multiple Search Engines.

Importance of Sitemap SubmissionIn SEO sitemaps play a major role in giving the right information to Search Engines about new and old pages that need to be indexed on regular basis to have the desired effect. With the Internet full of multiple search engines, one needs to submit these sitemaps to multiple sites to get their attention from the respective sites. Here is brief information about major Search Engines and sitemap submission to their webmaster.

  • Google Search Console
  • Bing Webmaster
  • Yandex Webmaster
  • Baidu Webmaster
  • Yahoo Webmaster
  • Entire web
  • Active Search Result

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