Question and Answer Submission Sites List 2022


Question and Answer Submission Sites

Question and Answer Submission Sites

Question and Answer sites are remarkably among the best modern style link-building in SEO. With the ease of voice search, users are directly asking questions in the search engines. So, we are seeing a new trend for Q&A sites to get top rank in search engines.


Combined with numerous popular question and Answer sites offering rich information online, sites as quora have gained a lot of organic traffic in the last few years. SEO professionals use these Q&A website lists to give users knowledge and offer them a way to connect with their platform. In this blog, we are going to study the following points.


Let us start with a simple definition for Question and Answer Submission Sites that should be part of your SEO Offpage activities in 2022.

What are Question and Answer Submission Sites?

The world is full of intriguing questions and answers. These Q&A sites offer users a way to ask specific questions from all around the world. So you can be anyone from any country and have a question that needs a deliberate answer. Just put the question online and get sophisticated replies from global experts.

One needs to register on Q&A sites with a registered email ID and other details to get started. These sites might also have additional features like Profile creation, sharing on social media, the ability to ask others questions, categories, groups, and more unique features.

These Q&A sites allow building a single or company profile. You can answer as many questions and gain more followers. Get more views, shares, and comments too. Many professionals have built an influencer account with hundreds of top answers offering rich information. Even Q&A platforms offer earning opportunities by different means.

New Question and Answer Submission Site List 2022

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How to Use Q&A sites for SEO?

Most of these Questions and Answers sites offer global connectivity that is the most significant part of SEO. If you have the right question or answer, you will see a lot of impressions, comments, and views from these platforms. Be sure to unique and fresh content with perspective to get more attention. Here is your step-by-step guide to using Q&A sites for SEO in this age of Digital Marketing.

  • Start by going to the URL. or Copy paste them into your browser. You can create accounts on multiple sites to further enhance your brand promotion. 
  • Click on the signup button and fill out the details. Make sure to keep the information precise on all the sites. 
  • Build a profile in your personal name or company name. Try to keep things simple and avoid anything catchy. Let your content speak to the user. 
  • Add meaningful description, information, and a way to connect with users.
  • Ask a question related to your product or services. Try to get into more depth for getting the user’s attention. 
  • Answer the questions related to your product or services specifically. Keep the information organic as much as possible. 
  • Form group, spaces, and other sharing activities to enhance your profile online.

So once you have gained some followers on these sites, you can further improve them to enhance your online reputation easily. And if by chance any answer gets viral, you can get thousands of traffic within a single day only.

Sites like Quora and Stackoverflow are among the most popular sites on the internet these days.

Best tips for using Q&A sites for SEO

With millions of users online and a plethora of information, Q&A sites can be tricky. Millions can answer the same question and look for better attention. But people with different and unique perspectives get the most attention. Here are a few tips that you can include in your questions and answers to be successful.

  1. Avoid plagiarism at any cost. Try to keep the answer precise, straightforward and get a better response from the viewers. 
  2. Be more thorough in your answer. Use live examples, research, and experience to answer the questions. 
  3. You must try to include your SEO keywords in the content. This step will help with the overall SEO strategy and gain more attention from Search engines.
  4. Use the relevant images only. Prefer to give live solutions from events, charts, or any organization to present your answer. 
  5. Check your answer with Grammarly or any similar tool always for last corrections.
  6. Never add spammy or affiliate links. 
  7. You need to make sure to avoid getting banned. So follow all the guidelines and policies to get the maximum chance to stay ahead.


With old SEO practices going obsolete Questions and Answers are still one of the trending phases in link building. Once you have gained some followers on these sites, you can further improve them to enhance your online reputation easily. Top sites like Quora and Stackoverflow are among the global sites for better solutions all around. If the answers get viral you can get thousands of traffic within a single day only. So digital marketers are going to use these Q&A sites for SEO promotion as well as the link-building processes.

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