50+ Top Podcast Submission Sites for 2023

Several new methods or activities have become popular in SEO. Podcast submission is among the latest methods gaining a lot of user attention. Many top platforms such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, etc., have a dedicated section for the podcast. Now blogs have an additional podcasting tool for content to allow users to listen. So whether you are a new beginner, professional, or looking to enhance your online promotion, Podcast submission sites are a better way to start. Now SEO professionals use these sites to promote and get more branding.

Podcast Submission Sites
Podcast Submission Sites

Let us start with a simple definition for Podcast Submission Sites that should be part of your SEO Offpage activities in 2023.

What is a Podcast submission?

In general meaning, Podcasts are digital audio files for listening only. These files can be a single or series with a more specific purpose. You can also have single or multiple hosts discussing a topic. There can be live streaming of an event just like earlier radio. Podcasts have both free and premium versions. Some top professionals often run a premium plan for their followers to earn their living.

Many do a podcast in their free time as a hobby, while many have become podcast professionals. You also have the chance to get viral and enjoy the attention too. In some sports like Chess, professionals offer video podcasts while playing a live game. 

Podcast: File format 

Podcast files are available in almost all formats that you have. Then you can also use a video converter to get more specific if required.
MPEG-4 Part 14 (MP4) has higher compatibility across electronic devices is the most recommended file format. (Standardized in 2000) MPEG-4 file format was developed with Apple QuickTime container format.
There are different types of MP4 formats available on the internet.

  • .mp4: [.mp4 extension specifies a generic video file]
  • .m4a: [.m4a extension specifies an .aac (Advanced Audio Coding) audio file in a MP4 file format.] Deprecated now
  • .m4b: [.m4b extension indicates an .aac audio file in a MP4 file format with additional bookmarks]
  • .m4p: [.m4p extension indicates an .aac audio file in a MP4 file format with enhanced Digital Rights Management (DRM) ]

Apple only accepts MP3 and M4A files for sharing. Small size is most suitable for podcasts with good quality for the listener.
(Apple has limited this size to 150MB over the cellular network). 

Software’s are available to change the file format and reduce the file size without affecting the quality. So you can do some research to find the best software, mobile app, or equipment to match your budget. 

Different types of Podcast Submission

  • Solo podcast
  • Educational
  • Narrative/Documentary type podcast
  • Interview Podcast
  • Co-Hosted
  • Panel/Group Podcast
  • Digital Series
  • News/Non-fiction Storytelling

List of top high DA PA Podcast submission sites List

Podcast Submission sites: There are hundreds of websites online that offer a way to build a profile and submit a podcast on their platform. These Podcast submission sites can help you gain an initial response from viewers and start a new journey in life. 

Top 10 Podcast Submission websites

S.No.Site NameDomain AuthorityPage Authority

More 50 Podcast Submission sites list

S.No.Site NameDomain AuthorityPage Authority

How To Promote Your Site on Podcast?

How to Promote Your Site on Podcast
How to Promote Your Site on Podcast

A Podcast can be a hugely popular art that can help you achieve newer heights in your career. Now we will provide step-by-step guidance for using Podcasts as a promotional strategy. 

  1. Start by going to the podcast site. Copy-paste the URL and enter. 
  2. Go to the site and log in. If you are a new user, then create a new account and fill out the details precisely. 
  3. Now go to the podcast submission section. 
  4. Choose the information based on your podcast topic to reach the right audience. 
  5. Listen to your podcast at least twice before being ready to publish it. 
  6. Make sure to let all your followers know about the latest podcast submission. 

If you are a new beginner, then you must learn and experiment. You must watch their live feeds and listen to the way to enjoy others’ podcasts. You can listen to channel or influencer podcasts and gain experience as well. 

What Are The Benefits Of Podcast Submission?

Podcasts are a popular form of internet activity similar to old radio communication. But all podcasts work through the internet. In Digital marketing, there are several benefits you can take from using these podcast submission sites. Here are a few shortlists of benefits that brands leverage by integrating podcasts in their promotional activities. 

Free promotion
Most of these sites are free and offer you thousands of users to start your online journey. You need to make an account and start podcasting. These sites have millions of subscribers and offer a way to generate your online brand. 

Website/App traffic
With more following, you also have the chance to divert your traffic to specific sites or promote your brand. The influencing market has become a billion-dollar industry. Many celebrities and professionals have earned millions using a podcast as a medium. This traffic generation can help you convert them into leads or create more opportunities to scale business prospects. 

Brand Identity
Many start using podcasts to build a brand identity. Soon you can gain a large following and enjoy a unique identity. You must work on specific plans, strategies and slowly build an audience ready to listen to your voice, arguments, and engagement. 


With the new generation sweeping through the internet, Podcast submission has emerged as one of the top ways to enhance your brands. Many platforms have come up online that allow free and premium podcast submission to start your new journey in this global online community. 

These Podcast sites have millions of subscribers all over the world. So make sure to give your skills a try and start your fan following today.

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