On Page SEO and its Techniques

Modern day Search engines crawls the page for specific content and on-page factors. Then these on-page techniques become one of the most important factors in getting the right impressions from Major Search Engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo) respectively.

What is on page SEO?

Search engines are automated computer program who understands specific language only and one needs to follow these SEO guidelines to get inside the top SERP’s (Search Engine Page Results). These on-page techniques have now become the backbone for Off-page SEO as the collective efforts have proven more successful overtime.
Constantly changing Search engine algorithm provides obstacles and hurdles that one must surpass to get inside top SERP.

Let us start with a simple definition for on page that should be part of your SEO Offpage activities in 2021-2022.

On Page SEO factors

Here we are providing you with list of on Page SEO Elements that once implemented offer high traffic over time.

  • 1. Title: They are the first impression of the web page on the Search engine and must be given for being thorough, attentive as well as content related. Modifiers added can further strengthen their impression in terms of specific information. Like Best, review, top, PDf, PPT etc

  • 2. Meta Descriptions: After title meta descriptions are shown on the search engine results that gives a short description of all the content that are available on the landing page respectively. You must add Latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords which are the most searched keywords for your post content respectively.

  • 3. URL structure (Permalinks):The URLs that comes out of your blog or E-Commerce site must be readable and use right characters that define the products or services itself rather than illegible character. Shorter URL’s are recommended for long term effective SEO on-page strategies. Always use main English or specific language characters and avoid using symbols.

  • 4. Quality of the Content:. Every page or post that is being published on websites is indexed by Google for their respective content. This content must be written in a more and interesting way for users to read, understand and collaborate accordingly.

Fresh and unique always get the higher value while duplicate content is ready to be punished

  • 5. Use of HTML Tags:Content should be used in short paragraphs, headings, subheadings and with the use of specified HTML tags. In most of the headline H1 to H6 tags must be preferred in a ascending way with H1 being the first and H6 last. Generally it is recommended to use only one H1 tag in the whole page which is for main page title. On Secondary headings H2, H3 and similar tags be used in downward movement (i.e. first h2 then h3 and so on). These Sub-headings must have similar keywords information’s that can be substituted in providing the right information to the user itself.

  • 6. Graphic Elements (images & Videos):There are image attributes that you should use while doing on-page optimizations. Alt Text and Descriptions of Image tells the Search Engine a lot about the image. Moreover you can use your keywords inside these title & descriptions for targeting right traffic on websites. These graphics engages the user to stay on the website for better user experience altogether.

  • 7. Internal linking: All the blog posts must be connected to similar and related content posts so user can stay longer and have more quality time while reading blog posts.

  • 8. User Experience: In recent years Google have given more importance to this point about how the user is experiencing on your website.
    Bounce rate in the Google Analytics must be improved over time to get better in terms for higher rankings in future.

Onpage SEO checklist 2022

Here we have compiled a smart checklist for your on-page activities in one go that covers all the important SEO ranking determining factors.

  1. Attentive Seeking/Eye Catching Page Title with Modifiers ( Length 50-70 characters)
  2. Short informative Meta Description that matches Page Content (Length 160-170 characters)
  3. Highly Engaging Content to give thorough user experience
  4. Short, small and readable URL Structure for Search Engine to understand
  5. Optimum use of heading tags, bold, italic and match-able text formatting
  6. Additional Images and Videos to give user better presentation of the content
  7. Informative, interesting and User engaging content
  8. Website Schema, Markups, structure data, rich cards and data highlighter
  9. Responsive Website to attract mobile users and further boost with AMP Version
  10. Optimized Website Speed, Loading time, Expire headers, Gzip and more factors to increase speed
  11. Systematically arranged sitemap for search engines to crawl, use and interpret
  12. Internal Linking for Main Categories, tags, keywords and related posts

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