Top 50+ Music Submission Sites for 2023

Music Submission Sites: The mode of listening has changed in the last decade. More and more devices have shown remarkable success in simplifying to reach millions of users. SEO has changed tremendously in the preceded few years with newer offpage methods. Music submission has gained popularity with the younger generation.

Newer portable have empowered users to use Music on demand. Sounds have been part of human evolution since the beginning. Music has different forms, equipment, sounds, methods, And even many consider Music as a unique identity of people, culture, and so on.

In this post, we will study all about Music Submission, a list of top platforms, standard guidelines, and more. SEO Offpage activities in 2023.

Music Submission

Music Submission

What is a Music Submission?

In the beginning, with a few past use in CDs, VCR, and classic iPod that revolutionized music for users globally. With the ease of portability, listeners could enjoy the music while traveling, driving, jogging, or working at an office. Music has proven to bring a calming influence on individuals and is a stress buster used as ailing by millions of users every day. All the global brands have separate music channels, platforms, apps, websites, etc., to engage with users. Such as iTunes, Amazon Music, Youtube, Spotify as billions of users every day. 

Headphones, Podcasts, Audio Books, and e-reading have seamlessly integrated with the latest technology. Newer electronic devices have more quality and ease for modern users. Music Submission allows singers, authors, publishers, and others to showcase their skills across the internet. You can further build a profile on these sites and gain more followers.

Music is available in different forms today in this digital world. 

  • Songs
  • Audio 
  • Podcast
  • Videos
  • Music Blog Submission

Music Blog Submission: Different forms of Review blogs (after and before), upcoming album release reviews, and current platforms are available. You need to connect with them to start your process. You can pitch them with a press release, newer singles, albums, or have a professional writer review to gain more engagement for your music. 

iTunes: Apple Music Platform Publishing, Podcasts, Playlists, and more.

Amazon Music: Music Publishing, Podcasts, Playlists, and more.

YouTube Channels: Publishing, viewing, listening, and gaining millions of followers for your channel. 

SoundCloud: Publishing and listening to Music videos, songs, and more 

Submit Hub: Submit your songs, label, and music blog submissions.

Spotify: Listening to Music, publishing, and curating individual profiles.

Also, check our special sections on 

Audio Submission Sites, Podcast Submission Sites , Video Submission Sites

Top 10 Music Submission Sites list

Here is a list of the top 10 Music Submission sites to help you start on the right foot and start at the same level as your peers.

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Best Free Music Submission Sites list for 2023

To give you more perspective on Music Submission sites, we present a long list of the top 50 sites for Music submission.

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Standard music submission guidelines

Many platforms have different standards for publishing music for audio and video music files. 

Sony Audio Guidelines

In general, here are some guidelines to help you start with publishing your music online. 

How to use music submission sites for SEO

Every platform has different rules and guidelines for users. You must keep in mind these to get the best benefits of SEO.

  • Start by going to the URL.
  • Log in or sign up for the site with credentials.
  • Go to the profile page and submit all the details.
  • Now go to the submit section.
  • Upload the music file in a specified format.
  • Fill in the title, description, tags, and more details precisely.
  • Publish online to get all the benefits.

Whether you are publishing a music file or blog, there are specific rules, quality standards, and strategies that you must use to reach maximum people.

Importance of music submission sites

For eons, People of all ages enjoy listening to Music. Here are some of the main benefits of using Music Submission in SEO.

Link Building Strategy: You can include these sites in your link building strategy to stay on the right path. Music Submission is an authentic and powerful way to promote links with 2022 onward.

Free Traffic: These links will help you to get more traffic for your platform and enhance promotion collectively. These top music submission sites have millions of traffic every day. Helping publishers gain maximum reach for exposure and ROI.

Free promotion: These platforms offer free and premium plans to get more users for your songs, audio, videos, and more. You can try anyone to understand the online user’s behavior and plan strategically to reach corners of the world.

Fan Following: A simple song or video can reach global fans easily with these sites. Further, you can target new geographies and add more fan followers to your profile, company or influence them to stay connected.

Brand Recognition: Every big brand starts as a new one with limited followers. It’s the path, hurdles, and struggles that make a recognizable name. Most of the top Music submission platforms have a long fan following and reach in millions.

Easy to connect: Users today use different apps and platforms for listening. These Music Submission sites will give users more options to engage with users and enjoy the attention.



Music Submission sites present a new way for SEO professionals though we have enjoyed listening ever since. Many new platforms today understand that Music can help them attract new customers. Music as videos remains an integral part of the link-building strategy. While for Professionals singers, Musicians, Organizations, and corporates, these Music Submission sites can help them reach more listeners.

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