md5_​file – PHP String Functions

Syntax :

md5_file ( file_name, raw_output );

Description :

The md5_file() function calculates the MD5 hash of a file.

The md5_file() function uses the RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm.

Use the md5() function to calculate the MD5 hash of a string.

Parameter :

[table caption=”” width=”100%” colwidth=”15%|15%|15%|55%” colalign=”left|lef|lef|left”]
Name, Required /Optional, Value Type, Description

Filename , Required, String , It is the name of the file.

Raw_output, Optional, Boolean, When TRUE it returns the digest in raw binary format with 16 characters length. By default its FALSE returns 32 characters hex number.

Output :

This will returns a MD5 hash on success, otherwise FALSE.

ChangeLog :

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Version, Description
PHP 5.1.0 , Changed the function to use the streams API. It means that you can use it with wrappers like md5_file(‘’)

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md5_​file() – PHP Functions Example 1 :
$filename = ''; //any file name which you want to specify for md5 hash
echo 'MD5 file hash of ' . $file . ': ' . md5_file($file);

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