How to manage product ratings and reviews from admin panel in magento.?

Magento offers complete functionality for Product star ratings and reviews within admin panel. Below are the step by step guidance for enabling this rich functionality in Magento CMS.

  • First Step:- To Manage Reviews and Ratings,  first of all login to your Magento Admin Dashboard and navigate to Catalog>Reviews and Ratings from the main top navigation menu.

    Magneto Manage Product ratings from admin

  • Second Step:-Manage Ratings will appear on the window screen, then open new page ratings for product page where you can view all of the ratings for products:

    Magento Manage Ratings from admin dashboard

  • Third step:-Then on further new page click on Add New Ratings button on the right side of your window screen.

    Magento Add new ratings from admin dashboard

  • Fourth Step:-Now Enter the title for the new rating and in Rating Visibility field please select where you want the rating to be visible accordingly and further save your configuration by Clicking Save Rating.

In the following steps we will learn to manage customer reviews in Magento

  • To manage Customer Reviews, first of all login to Magento Admin Dashboard and navigate to Catalog -> Reviews and Ratings -> Customer Reviews and select Pending Reviews in Magento Admin accordingly:

    Manage Pending Reviews in Magento

  • When a customer writes a review for a product for your website, first of all it will show up in Pending Reviews section until you (admin) approves it.Click ‘Review’ (or the ‘Edit’ button on the right) to see more information. You will see the title of the product reviewed, who reviewed it, information about the rating, and details about the review:

  • You can Approve a review by changing Status to ‘Approved’ from status pending respectively. Now Click on ‘Save Review’ to have this review display on the product page.

If you want to check all the reviews follow below steps for complete information
  • To check all customer reviews, go to Catalog -> Reviews and Ratings -> Customer Reviews and select All Reviews: Here you will be able to find all the current reviews on the website.magento get all product reviews

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