Best Infographic Submission Sites for 2023

Infographic Submission Sites: Infographics are the latest member of SEO techniques that have become popular in the last decade or so as one of the effective techniques. These are images only but provide thorough information with texts and icons to convey the message to the users. In SEO Infographic submission is used by digital marketers regularly to link their blogs and articles. Infographic offers a digital way to present data inside images. Young millennia are more prone to enjoy these infographics to understand the procedures, information and get more interaction.

Infographic Submission Sites for SEO 2022

Infographic Submission Sites for SEO in 2023

Infographics can have a lot of images, text, icons, and can present the whole process of the topic inside one image step by step or in a circular way. These require special techniques in photoshop to build these sophisticated infographics. Various online software’s are also available that can easily develop infographics with images and text.

Let us start with a simple definition for Infographic Submission Sites that should be part of your SEO Offpage activities in 2022-2023.

What are Infographic Submission Sites?

Most of the image submission sites fall into this category only. Although they are different from the basic images. And in the recent trend, Infographic is more likely to be used rather than the traditional normal ones. These Infographic sites easily allow to upload images and update the information with links, keywords and tags. You can personalise the profile URL to get effective indexing in Google to further boost opportunities.

Top 40 Infographic Submission Site List 2023 For Free / Premium

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How to Use Infographic Submission sites for SEO?

Most of the infographic sites allow you to build a profile. Just enter the URL in your browser. Click on the signup button. Fill the form and provide credentials. Now confirm with mail. Go the profile section and look for submit infographic. Upload the image in the right format, add keywords, targets, links and tags too.
Although there are few of them where you can just submit them directly without building any profile account.

Importance of Infographic Submission Sites

Here are the important benefits of Infographic Submission Sites

  • Provide a way to convey a message to the user with information
  • Highly interactive for modern users
  • Attract and divert traffic to the platforms
  • May generate leads for the businesses
  • Creates a high PA DA links for SEO
  • Helps in increasing SEO Ranks


Infographics are a significant part of the SEO techniques. And used abundantly by bloggers to promote content on their site. Numerous online sites accept infographic as an image to be part of their user base. With 2020 Infographic Submission will continue to part of the overall SEO process. Digital Marketers, bloggers, site owners and businesses will use the infographic to promote their blog, effective services and gain huge benefits for their respective businesses.

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