HTML b tag

HTML <b> tag is used to project the importance of the text by simply making it bold. As per the new specifications in the HTML5 <b> is the last recommended tag for use. First of all <H1> to <H6>, <em>, <H1>, <strong> and then use of <mark> is the right criteria for using this tag

Note : Check how HTML tags distinguish themselves with their tag names only like <head>, <title>, <body>, <html> tags.

HTML B tag Example and Syntax

Currently all major browsers support this HTML b tag.

Read this normal text

See the difference in the bold text.

Default <b> tag CSS

b {
font-weight: bold;

Difference Between HTML 4 and HTML 5

There are no major changes with b tag now considered the lowest among the text highlighting.

Tip : Using CSS ‘Font-Weight property’ bold text also have the same effect as <b> tag.

HTML B tag – Global Attributes

HTML b tag support all HTML global Attributes

Html b Tag not working

All major browser still supports it complete 100% so until there are recommended CSS changes b tag will hold its CSS behaviour for changing the font weight value.
If there are still issue you can add custom CSS with importance in the last CSS line

1.First Method: Add CSS in the last line

b { font-weight: bold !important ;}

2. Add in-line CSS same values then as per the reference the HTML b tag will hold its value.

HTml b tag depreciated?

HTML b tag is still not depreciated and used across all major platforms but their use has somehow been reduced with strong tag being given more authority.

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