How to setup / install Angular7 ?

Environment Setup for Angular 7 To use the Angular7, you must have the below softwares configured. Otherwise you need to install them to start Angular on your system. Here are the steps with guidance for installing Angular 7.

You can download files as per your system configuration. We are using Windows installer to install it on our system.

    • Step 3: We are using npm to install Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) tool, which helps us to start new Angular 7 projects and also helps in development.
      • Run the below Angular CLI command to install Angular CLI. In your command line, type:

      npm install -g @angular/cli@latest

      Installing ANgular CLI with npm

The process of installation has been started.

    • OR You can go to Angular CLI official website . All cli command to create an Angular app are listed there. First run command to install Angular CLI. These steps are same for Windows and Mac.

Once complete, you can now access the CLI by simply starting any commands with ng.


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