How to Enable and Disable Extension in Magento.?

Enable/Disable Extension in Magento:- Magento extension are the extra feature that allows smooth integration of these specific functionality within the site itself. In this blog today we are going to study how to enable and disable them as per requirements.

Enable extension in Magento

  • Step 1 : To Enable and Disable Extension – First of all login to your Magento admin via credentials and navigate to System>Configuration from the top navigation menu.Magento enable extension

  • Step 2:- As the new window screen appears click on the Advance Tab on the left side respectively all the lists of Magento Extension will appear.List of Magento Extension enable/disable

    • Step 3:-  Find your extension to enable or disable the Magento extension and get desired effect on the website accordingly then press Save Config button on right top

Enable and disable Magento extension

This is how you enable or disable in Magento from admin panel!

Magento Disable Extension Manually

There are various condition in which you need to disable Magento extension manually or there are conflicts for which you have to do make changes directly in the file respectively. To manually/programatically disable a Magento Extension find the module’s xml configuration file at app/etc/modules/

For extension name being compare then the file name will be public_html/app/etc/modules/compare.xml

The contents of that file will be like:


Now to disable this extension manually you must change the “<active>true</active>” line to” <active>false</active>” respectively.

You must clear Magento Cache after making these changes to make desired effects!

You have disable the Magento Extension manually. Enjoy more code now!

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