How to create a new category in Magento ?

Built for E-Commerce purpose Magento relies heavily on categories for stacking products of specific nature. Today we are going to learn new category via Magento admin.

  • Start by logging into your admin panel by adding your credentials than navigate to Catalog ➜ Manage Categories. Here you can see all the current categories under Root Category (which is hidden in the front end).

    how to create a new category in Magento

  • Here you can see the ‘Add Subcategory‘ button which on click will add new category in your Magento store. There are no limits on number of categories you can add in Magento.
  • On-clicking you get new screen with information for new category. This is where you can add the required info about your new category in details.
    One by one all necessary inputs are to filled so that things are in order
  • Category Name – Name is of utmost importance as this will guide users from front-end to have better user experience on your e-store. Breadcrumbs will show their presence in the site URL structure which will in-turn will help in SEO of the site. All category should have unique name so the products can be grouped together.
  • Category Description – Category description should be brief and should provide overview of the products inside that new category.
  • Image of New Category – Image of category can be added directly from the option ‘Choose File’ option. Check image above to get right info about that option.
  • Meta Keywords and Meta Description – These are SEO tags which needs to fulfilled to promote your Magento store online with maximum efficiency
  • Is Active – This option lets you active or disable your category from the Magento store front end. There might be some old products hanging with no use those categories can be disabled from the back-end accordingly. (Disabled categories are marked grayed)

There are many options which are monitored and regularly for category like its custom design, products and its presence in the main Navigation section which can be also be set from this ‘Manage Category’section. If you are looking to make more changes in the Old category than you need to follow same above mention steps and choose the respective category with specified changes accordingly.

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