Hair extension – All You Need To Know about Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions help you guys charge your strands that we’ve set for you like, ’15 inch clip hair extensions, double weft clip extensions and banana clip hair extensions’.  For more comfort to enhance your appearance, these are the most fashionable hair extensions for customers with highest quality and provide volume and highlights without the harshness. Some of the extensions require maintenance but some can be worn for more than 3 to 4 months without maintenance. Hair Extensions are of many colors, consistency, style, set, twist, waves and so on and widely available at stores and generally purchased in salons and extension services.

                                                                                               Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the artificial hair attached to create a long hairstyle and it’s used by adding some length and extensiveness to human hair. Hair extensions are generally clipped, glued, or sewn on natural hair by artificial hair. Thanks to great extension services it gives self confidence, enhances the appearance and offers the highest quality of hair extensions.

Have an immediate look at the different types of applying hair extensions:

  1. 15 Inch Clip Hair Extensions

15 inch clips in hair extension are one of the most stylish and trendy hair extension types that are obtainable in the extension services. the 15 inch clip in the hair extension product has 38cm length. It is the easiest hair extension to put on and take it off as the hair clip helps in wearing the extension. a 15 inch clip hair extension is a professional hairdresser and hair extensions that will help you clip whenever you want and fashion your style. Clip Hair extensions cover silicon and it is safe and gets no harm on your scalp.

No need to trouble and it is 100% healthy and has no infection but make sure it is clean and before applying. You will love it once you wear the 15 inch clip hair extension and you will be presently surprised by the quality we provide you with extensions services.


  1. Double Weft Clip In Hair Extensions

Double weft clip extensions are created from two weft hair joined together to get thickness and get twice hair extension then single. Double weft clip hair extensions consist of two layers with two fold to give a thickness. Double hair extensions don’t fall easily and clips are well sewn in each and every weft tightly and comfortably. Double weft clip hair extension looks natural and soft as your natural hair and it can be made in different styles like curly, dyed, straight, and bleached to last long. We have double weft like two -2(5cm) wide wefts 1 clip, two-4(10cm) wide wefts 2 clips, two-5(15cm) wide wefts 3 clips and two-8 wide wefts 3 clips. So, the double weft clip hair extensions are made according to your requirement with texture, appearance, smoothness, shine, colour and hygiene. All you need to buy is high quality weft made from human hair as it’s the best classification of hair.

Double Weft Clip In Hair Extensions

                                                                                      Love your extended hairstyle

   Step to make a double clip hair extension.

  1. Firstly get a necessary item to make double clip extensions (Black thread, two wefts, clips, and needle).
  2. Line the hair wefts together to make a hair
  3. Place the clips on wefts and needle it through the hole and make thread strong.
  4. Sew the top whole and below wefts, ensure that you don’t skip any hole and clip on every weft you want.
  5. Lastly, cut the thread without cutting the actual thread and you are done.


      3. Banana Clip Hair Extensions.

Banana clip hair extension is a simple hair clip that drags your hair from back and secure it in position. Many use different varieties of clip to create a hairstyle but banana is one of the best styles to form a classy ponytail and curly updo. Banana clip hair extensions give the impression of a great hairstyle and its length must be longer than actual hair.

Steps to create banana clip hair extensions.

  1. Choose banana clips and long wavy hair wigs. The clip should have plastic clips available and comfortable in the accessory
  2. Gently comb your hair natural hair and set them tightly. Remove all the tangles and make it smooth. If your hair is twisted, use your fingers to separate the tangles and make it soft.
  3. Now softly put on the long wavy hair wigs on your skull and make it comfortable to use a banana Gather your hair all together into the middle by making it a ponytail and put your banana clip on top of your pony.
  4. Place the clip at the top of your hair and try making a curve of the head and try to get the clip into position and pull it tight.
  5. Check the strands of hair and make it bump. It may take a little time before you place your banana clip as it is not a ready made banana clip hair extension. So, finally your hair is done and you have a secure and easy way of hair stands.

Conclusion: Hair extensions are the great transformer of your natural hair to versatile and glamour sensuality. They are very quick styling and perfect solution for those who don’t want to damage their natural hair and give extra volume to their hair with the help of wigs. More importantly it is very easy and maintains a high quality of your hair. So, it’s the best way to enable a custom look when your current hairstyle is boring. Now, guys, it looks amazing and exciting to try some hair extension right! So hurry up and pump up your first to change your existing hair with professional and quality hair extension for popular human hair extension.

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