Get Upsell products list using Product Id in Magento

Get Upsell products list using Product Id in Magento:-

Sometime we  need to show product in custom location file and in that file you also want to show list of upsell product by product id .
Suppose that your product ID is  $productId using that ID you can get list of Upsell product. Copy following code and place it in you custom file.

   // Get product object.
   $object = Mage::getModel('catalog/product');
   //Get product detail using product id  
   (Suppose you have product id is : $productId)
   $product = $object->load($productId);
   // Fetch list of upsell product using query.
     $upsell_product = $product->getUpSellProductCollection()
    ->addAttributeToSort('position', Varien_Db_Select::SQL_ASC)
   //check if record is empty or not
   $count = count($upsell_product); 
   if(empty($count)) : 
       //if empty
       echo "Record not found";
      foreach($upsell_product as $upsell):
         //get detail of single upsell prdocut using upsell product id
         $upsellproduct = $object->load($upsell->getId());
         echo "Product Name : ". $upsellproduct->getName();
         echo "Poduct url : ". $upsellproduct>getProductUrl();
         echo "Product regular price : ". $upsellproduct->getPrice();

With the implementation of this code in the respective file you can get upsell products in Magento

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