Frontend Services: Top Reasons to Choose Angular for Web Development

COVID-19 has hit the world’s economy the hardest. The whole world went into lockdown and amidst this crisis, many businesses, big and small, have realized a digital presence is critical for survival. It’s not just websites, but mobile apps and web apps are just as important as having a social media presence

Regardless of the type of digital product it is, the first thing that attracts a visitor is how nicely is it developed. Frontend services are responsible to make the app look and feel good.  How the fonts, buttons, graphics, images have to be incorporated with the technology to appear flawlessly all happens in front end development. To make sure your visitor has a joyful experience with your digital product whenever they interact, you better not compromise on the frontend services.

Experts say if you want your next web development project (for mobile app, web app, or website) to be successful, choose AngularJS.


Introducing AngularJS

Now you must have lots of question and a common one is “Why AngularJS?” Before answering that, let’s have a brief introduction to this language.

AngularJS is highly popular among front end developers. It was released in 2010 and its best known for developing an interactive web app. it uses JavaScript MVC and it comes with a range of features, which is why developers love it.

With the AngularJS framework, you can develop feature-rich apps tailored to the needs of your clients. It can also be integrated with other frameworks. It has simplified the process of development and extensive support is available in case a developer gets stuck. Entertainment, arts, computers, and electronic industries use AngularJS for frontend services.

Top Reasons to Choose AngularJS

Moving on to the real deal, why choose AngularJS for your digital product? Here are some compelling reasons:

Interactive User Experience

The success of a website or app depends on how user-friendly it is. With the kind of customization AngularJS offers, it makes development lightweight. It uses HTML  creating interactive user interface without writing heavy codes. 

Plus, developers say its way easier to use HTML for coding than JS. This minimizes the chances of committing an error while coding. So, if you need a fully-functional and highly customized app with a robust UX, choose AngularJS.

Support MVC Architecture 

Need a framework that supports MVC architecture? AngularJS has you covered. This makes it easier to develop apps without putting much effort. MVC enables you to develop interactive web apps. With AngularJS, a developer can split the app in MVC architecture and save time and effort.

Data synchronization becomes simpler. It enables developers to curate app architecture using the enormous features offered by the AngularJS itself. This framework can also integrate the MVC architecture with MVVM (Model View View Model) architecture. What this means is that the app can be developed into 3 parts. One can be used for data management, second can be used for viewing data, and the third can be used to connect the model and view. This might be too much information if you are not a developer so just know that it’s a highly useful thing.

Reusable Code

Ask any developer why love AngularJS and among the many reasons, they will say its code is reusable. Writing code becomes easier than ever. This is not just useful for the developer but the company that has hired frontend services. Why? Because they will have their final product developed in less time. 

It’s not only easier to write code and repurpose it but customize the app or web product. Only a few modifications will be required in the code and an app tailored to your unique business needs will be ready. When you don’t want to spend much time on developing a new app, choosing the AngularJS framework for it would make sense.

Large Community Support

Nothing kills productivity knowing that you are stuck and there’s no way out. This has left many developers in frontend services frustrated and start everything from scratch because enough support is not available.

The good news is there is ample support with it comes to AngularJS. This framework is developed and maintained by Google. There is a huge community of experts out there ready to help you out. Leave your query on the online forums and someone will get back to you soon.

With years of experience, these community experts have solved the most complex problems. Chances are your developer is stuck in some issue and the community already has its answer. That means all errors will be solved there and then. The timeline of your digital product will not get affected. What a relief, right?

Awesome Performance and Feature-Rich Framework

Don’t think you are settling for something less when choosing AngularJS for your website or app’s frontend services. In fact, you are choosing a framework with the best performance. It’s easier to code, it’s lightweight and it’s flooded with amazing features.

Some of its powerful features include form validation, filers, data binding, routing, etc. All of which facilitate the development of a scalable web project in the shortest time possible.

Another commendable quality of this framework is that its IEDs are way compared to that of the JS framework. Tracking errors is extremely simple. You don’t have to rewrite the code or run through the code again and again to find the error.

Dual Data Binding

AngularJS has a cool feature called dual data binding. Any changes made in the app will directly impact the user interface and the backend. Two-way data binding means you will only have to write the code of a few lines and your app or other digital product will be ready in a snap.

Summing Up

AngularJS is certainly an awesome framework with an array of features. It’s very beneficial for beginners who want to test their skills and design an interactive app. at the same time, features such as minimum code, fast turnaround make it an attractive option for business owners. Next time you need frontend services for a web app, choose AngularJS.


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