Are backlinks still considered beneficial? Facts that make a backlink valuable?

Backlinks are important for all digital businesses and websites. If you are new to the digital world and have no formal information about backlinks and other SEO elements, you are certainly in the right place. In this article, you are going to find information about backlinks. You would know about the benefits of backlinks and the facts and features that make a backlink valuable.

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Backlinks – All YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Backlinks are the incoming links that you find on a webpage. When one web page is linked to another one, then it is called a backlink. Backlinks work as a directory signal which can increase the flow of traffic on a website. In the past, backlinks were considered very important for a site trying for higher positions.

The more backlinks a website had, the better chances of being ranked by Google on the top search results. This mantra is still true to a very big extent. Still, you have to focus on today to get quality links instead of relying on quantity.

What are the benefits of having backlinks?

There are many advantages that you can enjoy by having good quality backlinks for your website. In this section, we will list out some of the common advantages of having backlinks on your site. After reading this section, you will understand how beneficial backlinks are.

Improves organic ranking

One of the most common benefits of having backlinks is that they can improve your search rankings. Backlinks can work as a vote of confidence from other sites in the eyes of the search engine. So if you have started a new site or biz then having good links can easily get you ranked on the top search results.

Faster indexing

There are thousands of web pages and sites waiting to get indexed by the search engine bots, but you must know that it is not as easy and simple as it sounds. Having good quality backlinks can help your site get indexed more quickly as they make it findable.

Getting organic traffic

Another major benefit of having backlinks on a website is that they can help get organic and referral traffic. Getting traffic is not an easy job on the internet, but with backlinks, you can increase traffic flow by more than 60%! The referral traffic that you get with backlinks is targeted and has close to zero bounce rates!

Creates new relationships

Just like humans need personal relationships to rely on, in the same way, websites need relationships for surviving the tough conditions set by the search engine. With backlinks, you can easily create new relationships with other sites. A good quality link can bring websites as well as consumers together.

Increases brand recognition

Backlinks can easily help you increase brand recognition and exposure in the digital market. A reader can easily see backlinks anchored in the content on a website. So if you want to have good visibility in the market, you have to ensure that you connect with high authority and relevant links. Today you can check the quality of links with the help of a free backlink checker utility. Backlink counter tools help to check site backlinks. Through this process you can easily get quality links

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What are the features that make a backlink valuable?

Different types of backlinks exist in the digital world. You can ensure that you build links with a valuable site. Now some features make a backlink valuable. You can check these features in a link by using a backlink checker. You can read about these facts and features below:


All search engines tend to provide relevant results to their users, so you can see that relevancy is an important factor. A good quality backlink is the one that is relevant to the niche you are working on. If the backlink is not relevant, then it is simply going to increase the bounce rate.


Trust is one of the most important factors that you should focus on while checking and finding backlinks. You have to only create backlinks with websites that Google trusts. You can check the trust factor of a link by using the online backlink checker tools.


Diversity is another fact about a valuable link. Diversity refers to the site that already has different backlinks and domain connections. Linking with a site with no links will bring you much value, so always go for diverse options.


Authority is one of the important elements in a backlink. You have to check the domain authority score of a website before linking with it. You can use an online backlink checker to find out the authority score of a website in the search engine’s eyes. High authority website backlinks can take you to the top in no time!

Common ways of getting good backlinks!

    • Write awesome content for your site.
    • Use backlink checker tools to find broken links and build them.
    • Use backlink counter utilities to check site backlinks used by your competitor and replicate them.
    • Start guest posting.
    • Submit your domain to web directories!

This article would surely help you understand the benefits of having good quality backlinks and the best backlinks’ features!

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