How To Enable Template path and Block Name Hints In Magento.?

Enable Template path and Block Name Hints:- Enabling Template Path and Block Name hints are one of the most important activities of web designers and developers. Magento contains different .phtml files for different section of the user panel. To work in some section of  Magento  template developer need to know in which .phtml file the code of that template section is stored. Block name is important to know because it tells which block has been used for a particular areas of the screen. So for this reason they will need the Template Path and Block name hints to work in those sections.

    • Step 1: First of all login to your admin panel with right credentials, then navigate to System>Configuration from the main top navigation menu respectively.

Enable template path and block hints from admin panel

    • Step 2: Then change the Current Configuration Scope to Main Website from left side dropdownlist which will give the Template Path and Block Name for the current website.

    • Step 3: Now from your left side of the screen go to the Advance-> Developer. Developer Configuration page will appear.

    • Step 4: On the Configuration page there will be Debug tab and let it expand. Here you will find Template Path Hints &Add Block Name Hints. Now set them both of these options to Yes. Now save the settings by the button on the right side corner.

    • Now Go the Admin panel and hints will appear which will allow smooth flow of work. Flush the cache if the hints don’t appear at once.

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