How to Configure the Price filter for Layered Navigation in Magneto.?

Magento Layered navigation Filters
Navigation filters is one of the important functionality which is used on regular basis in Magento. We have narrowed down step by step guidance for achieving this configuration in Magento respectively.

Steps to Configure the Price filter for layered Navigation From Admin:- 

  • Step 1: First of all login to your Magento Admin dashboard with right credentials and navigate to System > Configuration  from the main top navigation menu.

  • Step 2: Then with new screen options choose the Catalog  button from left side bar and click on  Layered navigation..

  • Step 3: From the Layered navigation  go to the Price Navigation Step Calculation after the dropdown appears accordingly.

  • Step 4: Now change the Automatic option to Manual from the strong>Price Navigation Step Calculation dropdown.

  • Step 5:With manual change you will be shown more options for making navigation filters in Layered navigation with Maximum Number Of Price Intervals.

  • Step 6: Now go on click the Save config button on the right bottom of screen and see the changes in the front end for new filters in layered navigation.

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