A Brief Discussion on Microsoft Volume Licence and Its Benefits

Thousands of businesses of different sizes and sectors across the UK rely on Microsoft office 365. This is one in the array of products that Microsoft offers. Choosing the right Microsoft product is never easy. Considering the huge range of products the brand offers it is easily confusing choosing the right product. Moreover if you are not aware about what you are getting into then the purchase can also prove costly. 

But there exists an easier way to purchase Microsoft products for your business. 

  • Cancel the unnecessary features that you do not need. It saves unnecessary expense. 
  • Buy licences for multiple employees in your organisation. Thus you can reduce the cost of redundant components.
  • Based on the exclusive needs of your business, customise your purchasing options.
  • Last but not least get proper training and support.   

As far as Microsoft Volume Licensing is concerned, including office volume licence, it works out a more pocket-friendly, more personalised and efficient way to obtain Microsoft licensing for multiple software. In fact if you do not want to court unnecessary hassles in the process of using multiple Microsoft software then this is the best way out. Let us do some spadework to know more about it.

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A brief introduction to Microsoft volume licensing

A business organisation often has multiple computers to work with. Microsoft Volume Licensing is the way to obtain bulk software licences for multiple computer systems. When you choose volume licensing there is no need to purchase separate software media, packaging or documentation items for every single licence. Rather it enables you to acquire multiple licences. Why would you go for this bulk purchase? The average cost of every Microsoft licence installed in the computers across your organisation gets reduced big time through this bulk purchase. 

An employee with Microsoft with expertise on Office 2019 licence explains the difference between buying Microsoft licences as individual products with purchasing volume licensing. According to the individual the difference is like getting a Netflix subscription with purchasing a DVD for every single movie that you want to watch. ( Read more – Tips To Boost Call Centre Software In Running Your Business )

When you are using Netflix you use a single password (or licence key in Microsoft lingo) to get access to the bulk of movies or licences on any device. There is no need to pay for a different DVD or an FPP for every movie you want to watch. There is no need to remember where you safely kept the original DVD to watch the movie. There is no need either to prove your ownership of the licence. Moreover this works out more reasonably in cost as well as more efficiently and absolutely free of hassles.

Microsoft volume licensing benefits

Let us now dig deeper to understand the benefits that Microsoft Volume Licensing offers.

Budget friendly

When you purchase a separate licence for every employee or device in your office the expense becomes very costly. Moreover this expense is also quite unpredictable. On the other hand through volume purchase you simply centralise the software purchase for your organisation. A developer in Microsoft who works on Microsoft Office 2019 standard explains when you centralise the software purchase you get the benefit of reduced bulk pricing. There is also no need to pay separately for individual installation, operation and maintenance. 

More flexible pricing options 

Volume licensing offers customers a more flexible payment option. Most importantly this ensures no one forces you to pay for anything that you do not require. With volume licensing you are the one to select the pricing option that is suitable for you in terms of the following aspects –

  • Payment method
  • Length of agreement
  • The number of devices 
  • Optional add-ons you select 

Easier to manage

Volume licensing allows you to spend less time on your research and understanding differences between licences. You can rely on a licensing expert like Softwareland. Your licensing expert can easily find the best type of licences that perfectly cater to the needs of your business. If you need any extra assistance regarding anything relevant to your licence you can always knock on a certified Microsoft Volume Licensing Reseller. Thus you can be rest assured that your issues related to your licence will get sorted out promptly almost in no time. 

Ideal for remote working

With the passing of days more and more jobs in the UK will be remote. Thus businesses have no better option than to adopt practices that make working away from the office more convenient for employees. A key solution in this aspect is having access to cloud based software licences that can be used anywhere and anytime. 

Software assurance

Microsoft Volume Licensing offers a striking benefit in the form of Software Assurance. By virtue of this benefit productivity of your organisation gets a solid boost. Software Assurance is a combination of services like –

  • 24 × 7 tech support
  • Technical training 
  • Exclusive rights

In addition to that Software Assurance also includes upgrading licences to the latest Microsoft software releases. 

Training given and support extended

As it has been already mentioned above bulk licensing is obtained through resellers certified by Microsoft – like Softwareland. In other words when you purchase your licence through volume licensing you will have a dedicated executive helping you in your experience. By the way, it is relevant to mention that the price of Office 2019 volume licence in London offered by Microsoft certified reseller is as low as £1197.90. This is a lifetime licence and requires digital download. It works on PCs and a single licence activates up to 50 computer systems.

Microsoft volume licensing – the challenges involved

Like any other solution in real life volume licensing also comes with a number of challenges. However those are nothing to keep you worried. But still it is better to be aware of those challenges. 

Licensing terms modification

Microsoft is constantly developing and evolving products. As a result its licensing terms are modified from time to time. For existing customers this transition may prove a little complicated. Moreover there can even be exceptions in modification of licensing terms for some geographical regions and products. 

There is no global licensing programme

It is important to mention that Microsoft follows a decentralised culture. Its employees in different divisions have been given the authority to make their own decisions. As a result Microsoft product licences have varying prices in different countries or geographical regions. This is something unavoidable because of certain technical and financial factors. The licences are also guided by various sets of rules depending on a particular country.

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