8 Awesome Blog Content Ideas for Movers to Skyrocket the SEO

For moving companies trying to capture their market share amidst stiff competition, a tip or two about what they can do should come as a relief. Publishing blog content regularly increases the chances of movers being found online more easily. Moreover, it enhances organic search traffic. With blog posts, you can add value to your brand and show your expertise. That way, you also rev up the sales. Are you feeling confused and struggling with the current topics? Why don’t you search for professional content writing services to ensure that people landing on your site are well-served? Here are a few killer blog content ideas to help your moving website to appear on the first page of search engines.

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1. Offer unique packing tips

When writing to cater to the SEO aspect of your moving service, try to make your content more relevant. Offering a set of 20 tips that talk about different packing methods makes the moving article more identifiable. Even search engines recognize those posts that are user-friendly. Packing is one of the most dreaded tasks, whether you are moving home or office. Therefore, packing tips for months and weeks come out as handy and establish trust with your prospects. Chances are that people may return to your site more often to know about valuable tips. Hire content writers to make your website content is more SEO-oriented.

2. Use the storytelling technique

Wondering how storytelling works to rev up the SEO of a moving company? Featuring the accomplishments of your team and the long-standing members contributing to it, is one way. You can share the same story on social media to generate more views for your webpage. At the same time, you will make the team members feel proud and stay loyal to your brand. Such write-ups are more interesting to read compared to blandly written moving posts.

3. Virtual tour of your trucking system

The best website content writing services mention a walkaround of various aspects that people normally associate with a moving company. Why don’t you go the same way? The trucking system of the company is one of the major concerns of every customer. So, turn it into an opportunity to write about the truck models that you use for short and long-distance moves. Let the readers envisage the experience when they hire your services. Apart from this, educate your readers about the differences between carrying their stuff in dollies, shrink wraps, and moving blankets. It will help them understand the truck sizes and the weights they are deemed to carry.

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4. Highlight your process

You are writing blog content for your moving service. Unfortunately, several other companies are also exuding different ways of showcasing their services. Here is where uniqueness matters. No matter what you write, be specific about listing what the customers prefer viewing. For instance, you can write about the reasons people need experts when moving home. The pro tip is to make sure that you have some offbeat
ideas to establish like the guarantee you offer, the insurance coverage, or the number of years in business.

5. Customer testimonials

Moving companies usually ask for customer reviews after completing the move. The prospects often sneak into those reviews to know about your services and the ratings of previous customers. You can go a bit ahead to include their location and photos to add credibility to the reviews.

6. Handling a difficult move

While sharing stories about how your team handles every move adds to the SEO effort, why don’t you dig deeper? Instead, talk about some of the difficult moves through in the storytelling mode to make the customers interested in your services. People love to hear stories and not about the hassles. A better way of putting it should be to talk to them about your approaches when handling the tough moves. Content Freelancing has created milestones with the expertise of freelance writers penning industry-based posts. You can always discuss with them ways to make your blog content more SEO- friendly.

7. Explain the moving process in steps

When you hire product description writer, you expect them to explain the benefits of specific products in several steps. A similar approach may work wonders when you are writing about the moving process. So, explain the moving process in steps in your blog content. That way, you will help them get relief from the stress of packing and moving.

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8. Write about community involvement

Does your company give back or involved in communities in some way? Whether you sponsor a moving help or organize a food drive for the less fortunate, discuss those achievements without bragging. Highlighting the charitable programs is an excellent way to spread the word about your company. Are you trying to rev up the SEO efforts through scintillating blog content? Follow the ideas above and be sure to break each into several posts to let your business shine.

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